The Worst Teacher Ever

The other day, I was at Starbucks. (A lot of posts are going to start out like that. I’m often at Starbucks, and I do a lot of writing there; it’s not expensive coffee, it’s cheap office space.)

Anyway, the other day, I was at Starbucks, at a table by the window, drinking espresso and setting up this blog. Two young ladies, about the age and appearance of college underclassmen, sat down at the table next to me. One was telling a story to her friend:

“She gave me a C, and I worked really hard on it, and knew what I was talking about. I should have got an A. I lost it, and told her she was wrong and wasn’t being fair. She said she wanted to talk to me after class.

“She took me in the hall and said she wasn’t gonna put up with blow-ups in class and I couldn’t talk like that in class. I lost it and told her she’s the worst teacher ever, and I should have gotten an A. I went on some, then I started crying and said I was really stressed. She hugged me and said it was OK, like could she do anything to help. She’s still the worst teacher I ever knew.”

I don’t really know if the nameless professor is really the worst teacher ever, although, in truth, I am skeptical. (She sounds like a pretty good teacher.) I just hope that my neighbor realizes that, whether or not the prof is really the worst teacher she ever knew, she is possibly the best person she ever knew.

2 responses to “The Worst Teacher Ever

  1. Hi Paul,

    We share a great name!

    I found your post interesting as a teacher myself ( who visits Starbuck a great deal too!) who has to deal with, on rare occasions, pupils ” blowing up” in class and getting stressed. I’m sure they would at the time call me the worst teacher ever because they don’t always get what they want and agree with my decisions.
    The teacher in your case probably was a very good teacher because she dealt with the moment and gave the child the comfort needed.
    I, like you, believe perhaps the girl didn’t deserve it.

    As teachers, we are often put in the position of having to put our own feelings to one side and help the children we teach. It can be hard but it is what we are paid for.


    Paul ( topteacherast)

  2. Hi Paul,
    I am all about teachers! In fact, I am married to one. My wife teaches elementary school vocal and general music. When I was preparing to retire from policing, I began preparing to teach secondary school English, but the political atmosphere at that time led me to believe that American education was about to become a very undesirable field. Time has proven me right. (I may write a post about that soon.)

    I didn’t mean to imply that the girl didn’t deserve to be treated tenderly. Actually, I believe we all deserve the most tender treatment possible, regardless of our conduct, because I believe that there is only one thing that matters in the world!

    I love visiting the UK, and not just because London has more Starbucks stores per square mile than even New York.

    Paul H.

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