About the Picture

On July 2, 2007, my doctor told me I had esophageal cancer, one of the most very deadly cancers. For three weeks, my wife and I went from doctor to doctor, making decisions and planning treatments. When everything was in place, my radiation-oncologist told us he needed about a week to get all the calculations done and get everything set up.

Knowing that we were in for a half-year of treatments and sickness that would be even harder on my wife than on me (it turned into ten months) I decided that she deserved a special vacation. I got on the internet, and, with what can only be thought of as a miracle, I found last-minute frequent-flier seats to Paris, and a comfortable and affordable hotel room in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

My growing cancer made itself known constantly, but we had a wonderful trip anyway. One day, we took a train from Paris to the village of Giverny, where the impressionist master Claude Monet lived and painted. The photo at the top of these pages is a detail from a photo my wife took in Monet’s garden.

(This blog is about love.)

One response to “About the Picture

  1. Hi Paul….and Mickey–thanks for including us in this very personal journey. We’ve never participated in a blog before. But so far we’ve survived! I LOVE what you’ve written so far, Paul and look forward to reading. Good night. oxoxo Rita & Len

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